Melissa Raye

Singing since the young age of 2-3 in her living room and backyard to the people passing by to the present whether it is at the local bar or at music festivals Melissa Raye has always known what her soul passion and purpose was in this world and that put simply is to sing. It wasn’t until she was in the sixth grade when her music teacher Ms.Weltz really discovered her big voice “before that I always loved to sing and mimic what I saw in Disney movies but I never knew the power of my own voice”. Her music teacher had her sing “Part Of Your World” from the Little Mermaid and “Tale As Old As Time” from Beauty And The Beast and from that point on her life changed. “I truly believe I inherited my voice from my Nonna who use to always sing to me when I was a little girl”. Any musical production the school would put on she had to be a part of it. Then it came time for high school and she went to Frank Sinatra School Of The Arts where she really got to be around music and work on her craft. 


“I remember having a solo in one of our many performances and Tony Bennett was in the audience I was told when I sang he leaned forward in his chair as he was engaged to what I was doing on stage and at the end of the performance I went up to meet him and he gave me a compliment and told me to keep going at it. I’ll never forget that”. After graduating she continued to pursue music and at 19 she won a singing contest to sing “And I Am Telling You” from Dream Girls with Jennifer Hudson on live television on the TODAY Show. Melissa also was interviewed by Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb. “They were both so kind and supportive I remember during one of the commercial breaks the makeup artist was touching me up with powder and Kathie Lee turned to me and said, “Get used to that cause you’re gonna be a star one day!” 

Melissa’s journey has grown into preforming with multiple bands and writing and recording original music. You can find her singing with Cousin Earth, The Grooves, DontBDaft, Fools Night Out, and caroling with The Santa Babies all while being active on social media. She continues to grow with each year bringing new opportunities to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and right here for future performances.